3 Strategies For Online Auction Listings

Don’t sit around wondering if you can do online auctions or procrastinate. I know a lot of people would love to do online auctions, but for what ever reason, they are scared, afraid of failure, they are not computer savvy, or just plain intimidated. We are all human and we have to start somewhere. Trial and error is the best teacher and trust me, you will learn. Overwhelmed with fear? Don’t know where to start? Afraid for what ever reason?. All you need is a little effort, patience, a camera, and a computer. I will share my 3 strategies for online auctions so you can feel more confident in starting your new online business.

1. Research your product, find out what the proper name and description, how much it is selling online, how much competition do you have, and look at your competition’s ads to see what they are saying about the product and what are the key selling points. Don’t be afraid to use some of them yourself. Then ask yourself How much am I willing to let this item go for? Remember you cannot be attached to the item emotionally, and when you find yourself doing that, just say to yourself, “It’s for sale I don’t care how much I get”. The reason for this is people tend to attach themselves to items and that distorts the true value of the item. Your not buying the item so what you think the item is worth doesn’t really matter. Once a wise friend of mine said, ” if you wanted to keep the item that you are selling then buy it from yourself”. Wow! what great advice she gave me. I was afraid that we would start hording items just because we liked them, that idea really helped me out by keeping the correct mindset and let items go and really start thinking of it as a business.

2. Okay this is also very important, Good Pictures… I know you heard that before, but people don’t really understand why it is so important to take good pictures. There are several reasons why, You want to look professional, you want to be perceived as a trusted seller, and you don’t want your items to look like junk out of your basement. Recently I had a pretty bad camera, and one trick you can do to make your pictures look better is put 2 lights on each side of the item so your picture is well balanced. I also use a black or white backdrop, So the item has no distractions and the colors look more vibrant. I also would recommend editing or cropping your photos, with one of the free online photo editors.

3. If you think your item is going to get a lot of bids from your research then you can start your item at a lower price this attracts people and improves your bidding war. Bidding wars are what you are looking for. If several people have it in their minds they want the item then the price sky rockets and you will be very pleased. Warning if you over price your item your item may not sell. People will get turned off and move on to someone who is asking for a lower price. We all want a deal.Don’t you look for a deal? Think about how you would be as a buyer what do you look for and practice it. It’s pretty much the golden rule. Be honest, treat those the way you want to be treated. Don’t give up because you had a bad experience. Remember it is a learning process and you want to learn so all the negative experiences can be positive ones.

If you would like to learn more or have questions I have just opened a Blog where I will be answering questions and giving advice on online auctions, storage auctions, estate auctions. My husband and I go to storage auctions and resell our items on eBay and Craigslist. We just recently opened our first online store and are still learning about the tricks of the trade. I just got a new camera and you can see the difference in the picture quality. We will be updating what we get at the auctions on the blog and rant and rave our auction experiences.. We sure would like it if you would join us.. Let us know how you are doing with your new success. I hope we all can share advice and experiences. Hope to see you soon at the blog!